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Our office is located on the Nyabugogo boulevard, few miles from the kigali round about.

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Our team is composed of talented young people who are ready to work on your project.

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We believe that we can provide the best services to help your brand succeed.

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A Little bit about us

Since 2012 Weaddstudio has developed a vast portfolio in multi-disciplinary design and worked with clients around the world, America, Asia, Europe and even Africa.Our ability to exceed our client’s demands, meet deadlines and produce original work has helped us build a solid reputation.

Weaddstudio is a small , concentrated agency but by utilizing our network of partner consultants, developers and designers to bring fresh perspectives we work on projects of any scale embracing big budget multinational projects as well as smaller startup projects.

Since our beginning we have evolved in many ways and learnt more than we could have ever imagined. However our values and aims have remaied the same., to provide a truly personal service that is of extremely high, award standard quality every time.